Matthew Knowles


About Matthew

Matthew Knowles has established an unprecedented acting resume in just a few short years. Knowles has made a name for himself in television, theatre and film. Matthew’s career has quickly transitioned from modeling to his first role in film where he was cast in a supporting role in VIKINGDOM in 2011. Films such as TIME TO SHOW and TRANSMIGRATION have given rise to established roles in RED STAR OVER CHINA and EASTERN BATTLEFIELD with recurring roles and special appearances in LOVE ME IF YOU DARE, RED SORGHUM and DENG XIAO PING..

A passion for film has always driven Matthew. After graduating from Clemson University in 2008, BS in Civil Engineering, on the heels of a promising football career, he decided to make a change and left for China. His goal was to volunteer, to teach and to learn from the Chinese culture. It was here that he realized a future in acting. Matthew soon launched into his international career in the U.S. and in China. What would begin with inspiration, and a dream, quickly became a highly rated measure of dedication and success just one short decade later.

His work and talent made possible his acceptance into the Beijing Film Academy in 2013-2014. Knowles is the first non-Asian to be awarded the study of acting at BFA. He is the only actor to achieve such a prestigious accomplishment in the world. Matthew speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and English.

His performances have grown into guest star appearances, supporting, recurring and leading roles in six of the highest watched programs this past year in China. Matthew has hosted numerous live events, such as the 2014 Oscars in China simulcast, was spokesman for Men’s Health Magazine and continues to make celebrity appearances. Knowles latest works are based from Los Angeles and Beijing. BOND KIZUNA in a supporting role as Jet and portraying the lead for pilot JOURNEY TO THE EAST as Uncle Matty, where he is also producer. Both will be premiering soon. Also, Matthew is playing the lead role of Rawa in the 2018 film Asura.

Matthew is based out of Los Angeles and is currently working multiple television and film projects internationally.