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The American Face Steers the Chinese Film Industry in a Unique Direction

Source: Netease Entertainment
Editor: Li Tong

Actor Matthew Knowles

Wangyi Entertainment Feb 7 – Acting steadily in the Far East since 2011, South Carolina-born Matthew Knowles has established himself as one of the best known Caucasian actors based in China. Because the mandarin speaking Caucasian was able to bring a breath of fresh air into major Chinese television and film productions, this former Clemson University football player became the first non-Asian to study acting in the history of the Beijing Film Academy, having received a Chinese government scholarship to this respected institution. With his acting ability and his 6’4” athletic frame, Knowles is becoming a well-known figure in the industry -- and a talent that reflects the globalization of film and TV -- who also puts a distinct face to the entertainment business investments that have been made on both sides of the Pacific during the past several years.

These East-West corporate partnerships are only half the story. They tend to reduce the globalization of entertainment to the narrative about deal-making, stock prices and buy-outs. However, there are individuals associated with these global breakthroughs, and actor Matthew Knowles’ unusual path to success is a story as unique as the anticipated industry changes in film and television worldwide.

Beginning his journey in 2009 as a local volunteer and then as a teacher in a poor region of Guizhou Province, China, the philanthropist Knowles was first signed by a modeling agency and then was booked for a small role in the Hollywood/Malaysian co-production “Vikingdom.", thus began his journey in the world of acting. He returned to China, mastering the Mandarin dialect, and became busy with acting, hosting and singing in countless TV shows, live events, concerts, movies and commercials.

Because he continue to impress the audience with his performance, Knowles secured roles in the largest productions in Chinese history, “Red Sorghum” (the most watched show in China during 2014), Deng Xiao Peng, in Eastern Battlefield (watched by over a billion viewers) and in the highly rated TV series “Love Me If You Dare,” as well as portraying a controversial US General Evans Carlson in “Red Star Over China.”

In addition to his steady appearances in "red-themed" television series, Knowles is multi-tasking a pilot television show “Journey to the East”, filming in Los Angeles for Bond: Kizuna as Jet and also in Beijing as lead character Rawa in the film Asura. Recently finished shooting, this most expensive Chinese film production is expected to debut in 2018.