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My guest this week is American actor Matthew Knowles. Matthew's story is pretty incredible: he played football at Clemson and had a real shot at playing professionally, but had his NFL dreams crushed along with his knee during his senior year. A humble guy, he decided to take a break and help others while he healed himself, and he ended up teaching English in Guizhou Province in rural China.

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From the sports field to the spotlight: Civil engineering graduate Matthew Knowles makes it big in Chinese film industry

Matthew Knowles, Clemson University class of 2008, was walking through downtown Greenville, S.C., while in town not long ago, when he heard his name being called. As a Greenville native, this might not seem out of the ordinary. Yet this time, it was his Chinese name that caught his attention over the hum of downtown.

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Matthew Knowles talks about being an American actor in China

Pacific Rim Video | Front Row Features correspondent Nino Llanera talks to actor Matthew Knowles during the opening night gala of the 2017 "Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival" featuring the center piece film "Better Luck Tomorrow" held at the Grauman's Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, CA on Thursday, April 28, 2017.

Rep Sheet Roundup: 3 Arts Signs First Non-Asian Alum of Beijing Film Academy

3 Arts has signed actor Matthew Knowles, a South Carolina native who has built a career in China over the past half-decade. The former Clemson University defensive end and civil engineering major had NFL aspirations until a senior-year knee injury forced him to rethink his plans.

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Interview: American Matthew Knowles on Starring in China's Most Expensive Film

Boasting a 100-million-dollar budget, Asura is the most expensive Chinese film ever made. Though it features an international cast, the film is shot completely in Mandarin and is based on Buddhist mythology, with groundbreaking martial arts and fighting scenes that will conjure up comparisons to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

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Accompanying the "children of the star" together with American Hollywood Movie Stars

To most Chinese, April the 2nd is just another Qingming holiday. It however is considered a very important day for families who are caring for autistic children. Man has come a long way in becoming more cognizant of autistic disorder since 1943 when the first case of autism was diagnosed. Through a decision reached in December 2007 in a United Nation conference, every April the 2nd starting from 2008 will be recognised as "World Autism Awareness Day" as a day to foster the public's support, understanding and care towards autistic patients.

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Filmart: How to Make It in China as a Western Actor

Former college football star Matthew Knowles discusses in his unlikely journey from sleepy Greenville, South Carolina to movie stardom in the Middle Kingdom.

American actor Matthew Knowles thought he was going to be a professional football player. Instead, he went to China and became a local movie star.

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EXCLUSIVE: How this injured all-American college football player moved to CHINA, became fluent in Mandarin and landed a leading role in $100 MILLION blockbuster 'Asura' - the highest-budget production in Chinese history

As a Southern boy with dashing good looks, an athletic physique and a successful college football career, Matthew Knowles harbored dreams of playing in the NFL.

But when a devastating knee injury brought his footballing days to an abrupt end, the young man's life took a rather unexpected turn.

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The American Face Steers the Chinese Film Industry in a Unique Direction

Wangyi Entertainment Feb 7 – Acting steadily in the Far East since 2011, South Carolina-born Matthew Knowles has established himself as one of the best known Caucasian actors based in China. Because the mandarin speaking caucasian was able to bring a breath of fresh air into major Chinese television and film productions, this former Clemson University football player became the first non-Asian to study acting in the history of the Beijing Film Academy, having received a Chinese government...

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American face stands out on local screens

In 2008, Matthew Knowles was sad when his sports career at Clemson Tigers Football, his university team, ended due to a knee injury. But a call from Southwest China's Guizhou province became a turning point for the Carolina native.

A friend who was then working as a volunteer English teacher in the mountainous Chinese province invited Knowles to experience an unlikely life: To teach local children in the remote city of Duyun, in southwestern Guizhou.

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Q&A: Former Clemson football player Matthew Knowles praises Dabo Swinney.

Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney has a winning program but his influence goes beyond the football field. His influence even goes beyond the borders of the United States. In fact, it can be seen as far as China. One of his former players, Matthew Knowles has made a name for himself in China, and Knowles hasn’t forgotten about his school or what his coach did for him.

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First Look: China's $100M Fantasy Adventure 'Asura' (Exclusive)

Sixteen-year-old Chinese rising star Lei Wu plays the film's young hero, alongside Hong Kong veterans Tony Leung and Carina Lau. Eighteen-year-old newcomer Zhang Yi Shang is the female lead and love interest. The international elements of the cast are made up of American actor Matthew Knowles (based part-time in Beijing, Knowles speaks fluent Mandarin and is well-known to the local audience from roles in Chinese TV dramas like Love Me If You Dare, Deng Xiaoping and Red Star Over China), stuntman Damien Walters (Captain America: The First Avenger, The Huntsman: Winter's War) and British contortionist Bonetics Junior.

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Asura film shots exposed Leo plays alongside Tony Leung and Carina Lau!

Idol news - the six hundred million Yuan film Asura just finished shooting in Ningxia and Qinghai, two out of seven main shooting locations, each possessing mesmerizing views and mythical attractions. As the shooting goes on, the cast list begun to surface: Leo, Tony Leung, Carina Lau, Zhang Yi Shang, Feng Jia Yi, Ming Dao, Shang Wen Jie, Dong Qi, Dobrgyal as well as foreign actors Matthew Knowles, Damien Walters, Bonetics Junior and others. These cast will team up with another mysterious actor to interpret and manifest "the many personalities and sides in the world of utmost desire".

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Still Marching Through History

Matthew Knowles, an actor from the US who played Brigadier General Evans Carlson of the US Marine Corps, said working on the series gave him the opportunity to learn about his character,who was a friend of Snow, and also helped him gain insights into the Long March and Chinese culture.

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"Red Star Over China," hot shot Matthew Knowles easily deals with Chinese dialogue

Wang Yi Entertainment 24th March - In commemorating the 80th Anniversary of the Red Army's victory in the war, CCTV, Ningbo Municipal promotions department, and several other media Corp. came together and collaborated for the production of a revolution history themed TV series "Red Star Across China", and has officially started shooting since February in Shanghai.

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Fashionista: Magic Knowles

He reveals, “I was fully based in Beijing for two years and now I split time between Beijing and Los Angeles.” He owes his prodigious Mandarin skills to two rather immersive years in Duyun, Guizhou province before starting at the film academy. We’ll go out on a limb and say that those skills came in handy in his starring roles in films such as Vikingdom (维京王国), Bond: Kizuna, and a new production of Red Sorghum (红高粱). He also played the role of Barnes in the TV series Love Me If You Dare (他来了请闭眼) alongside Chinese starlets Wallace Huo, Sandra Ma, Wang Ka, and Yin Zheng.

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Former Clemson Defensive End Turned Chinese Movie Star Transitions to Hollywood

LOS ANGELES, CA - 2/22/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Matthew Knowles, a former Clemson University walk-on football defensive end, never imagined he would be a major Chinese celebrity shortly after graduating in 2008 with a degree in Civil Engineering. However, after spending several years in China, he is now one of the most recognizable film and television stars in the region.

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American Artist Matthew courageously enters Chinese showbiz and stole hearts with his handsome looks and performance

Since the show aired on television, Matthew has been the talk of the town. The American artist has been able to capture the attention of Chinese audience with his superman-like cool and dashing looks. Matthew is one of those actors who is memorable; although he does not have many scenes in the series, but his acting made the audience raise a thumb up...

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Former Clemson walk-on becomes Chinese movie star

Former Clemson walk-on defensive end Matthew Knowles from Greenville, S.C. has had an unexpected career turn after graduating at Clemson in 2008 with a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering.

Knowles was a volunteer teacher in rural China for two years after graduating and then was unexpectedly signed to a talent agency when he was discovered in Singapore.

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